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I believe too many parents today have let their children rule their households. Their children dictate their daily lives, demand every ounce of their attention and do not show any respect for their parents. This needs to change. The only way to do this is if parents start letting good old common sense start dictating their parenting practices and stop letting their children run the show. You're the parent. Act like one.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Truth About Santa?

The holiday season is in full swing and if you have kids, this can definitely be one of the happiest (and busiest) times of the year! However, I feel it is my duty to point out some of the parenting stupidity out there regarding Christmas, Santa and your kids.

I recently read an article somewhere that discussed Santa and how you should approach the Santa discussion with your kids. The article asked, "When you tell your children about Santa, aren't you ultimately telling them a lie?" [Um..YES] It went on to recommend that when your kids ask about Santa or when the topic arises you should turn the question back on them by saying, "Now sweetie, do you really think Santa could fit through our chimney?" or "Do you think there is enough time in one night for Santa to deliver ALL the gifts to every boy and girl in the world?" or "Do you think Santa puts all the gifts under the tree or do you think Mommy and Daddy do?"

Ok, people. Lighten up here. Christmas time and a discussion about Santa is not the place I am going to decide to teach critical thinking skills to my 4 year old. Does she really think there is enough time in one night for Santa to deliver ALL the gifts to every boy and girl in the world? Actually, YES! Considering she a) has no clue how many boys and girls there are in the world and b) she doesn't really have a firm grasp on TIME unless it's today, tomorrow, yesterday or RIGHT NOW!! So PLEASE! If you have older kids, you may end up having the "discussion" with them, but I feel like most kids just end up deciding when they want to "give up" Santa on their own. Kinda like when they decide to give up their security blanket...one day, they figure out none of their friends are doing it and they stop doing it too.

And if you don't mind, let's use a little common sense here....each and every one of us, at some point in our life got our bubbles burst about Santa. Quite frankly, I have no recollection of when I found out the "awful truth" but somehow, someway....YES, I am STILL ALIVE!! No permanent damage done. I don't even think I needed counseling to help me through this difficult time. Christmas is supposed to be a FUN time. If your kid wants to believe in Santa, let them. They'll figure it out sooner or later...let them be a kid for awhile. Appreciate this innocence. I'm really finding out that it sure doesn't last long.


  1. One of my friends just posted something about this article on facebook and I couldn't believe the responses. So many people were so offended and upset that their parents had lied to them as children so they were determined not to do the same thing to their children.

    I was so surprised... I remember when I was told about Santa, and I wasn't hurt or sad... Actually just proud of myself because I figured it out. But mostly reading all these comments I thought - "Get Over It!"

  2. OMG, Niki that is too funny..actually, not funny--SAD! Wow, hate to say it but if peeps can't handle having their bubbles burst about Santa how in the heck do they handle REAL problems in life!?!

  3. My husband's best friend from college believed in Santa 'till he was 13 because whenever he asked his mom, she'd say, "Do you think I would lie to you?" He did feel quite betrayed, and swore he'd never do that to his children. So, dispite much protest from us and his wife, he sit's his kids down every December and tells them, "There is NO SANTA." And you know what they say? "Ha ha. Very funny dad. There is too." I love it!