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Friday, June 26, 2009

Plane Travel with Little Ones Part 2: The Red Zone

Any of us who have traveled by plane with little ones know that it's not exactly something you look forward to. It's definitely a job that takes a a lot of patience and a great sense of humor. If you're like me and refuse to put your travel plans on hold until your little ones are of sane traveling age (which might never happen, by the way--depending on the temperament of your child!!), you'll find yourself on an airplane at some point during what I call, the infamous Red Zone.

The Red Zone is the most difficult age to travel with kids. From my experience, the Red Zone is when your child is approximately 7 months to 2 1/2 years. At these ages most kids are mobile in some way and just want to wiggle, run, walk, crawl, roll and/or explore. That, coupled with a very short attention span, and you get nothing at all conducive to plane travel! When traveling with kids in the Red Zone, it is very possible that not even the best travel advice in the world will not help. Face it- it might just be a complete disaster. While the behavior of your child may be beyond your control, there are a few things that you CAN control. You can:

1) Expect & Accept: Accept that your little one simply doesn't have the capacity to sit still at this age. Don't get mad at them, just expect they will be little wiggle worms and do your best. Having a sense of humor works, too.

2) Be Nice: Don't be that mom who let's their kid run screaming down the aisle or kick the chair of the poor soul in front of them. Even if things seem out of control, at least make an effort to gain control of your child. Most people appreciate a mom who makes an effort. But no one appreciates the mom who takes the attitude of "my kid can do no wrong." If your kid is kicking the seat in front of him, put a stop to it. Or at least apologize to the person sitting there. We as educated, common sense parents may think "OF COURSE I would do that." Well, that is because we're educated, common sense parents! I know from experience that some parents just let their kids run wild on the plane and think nothing of it.

3) Try your best to limit hassles. Of course, one can never completely eliminate hassles but some ways to limit them would be: 1) Limi luggage--try to pack your child's clothes with yours instead of bringing an extra suitcase just for them 2) Limit layovers (direct flights are worth a million bucks but I realize, it's not always possible!!), 3) Buy them a seat: if your baby is over the age of 6 months (give or take) buy them a seat. You can either bring the carseat and strap it in or just have the extra seat so your baby can stretch out. Don't skimp on this precious space--you will need it!! 4) Try your best to fly during non-peak days. For instance, the day before Thanksgiving (duh, but look at all the morons who do it!)

4) My personal fav, compliments of my sister in law: PRAY!!!!

There are 3 main risk factors for major meltdowns: hunger, fatigue and boredom. I'll have some remedies for each of those in Part 3...

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  1. Some airlines (Southwest) have infant fares(children under 2) if you do want to buy a seat. It is worth checking it out!